Why divers are the the egg-laying wool-growing milk-giving pigs of watches

By Montredo in Lifestyle
February 19, 2020
Why divers are the the egg-laying wool-growing milk-giving pigs of watches
A true classic amongst diving watches: the first Blancpain Fifty Fathoms © Haute Time

The oceans must by now be clogged with divers who regularly explore the cold, black waters with Submariners, Seamasters and Fifty Fathoms strapped to their neoprened wrists. After all, why else would all these super-waterproof watches with their strange rotating rings be sold? In actual fact, most of them may never even reach the murky depths of their wearer’s wading pool. The reason for the long-term success of such watches must, then, lie elsewhere: with all of its properties, the diving watch is, simply put, the Eierlegende Wollmilchschwein (the egg-laying wool-growing milk-giving pig) among wristwatches. In other words, it is the Golf of watches – the perfect all-rounder. And, like the people’s car, not without reason. So here we present the milk, the wool, the bacon and the eggs of this perennial favorite, the diver:

Waterproof means robust

Record holder for water resistance: the Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep Professional © Swatch Group

Of course, a diver’s watch without proper water resistance makes little sense. But of what use is such a seal if the wearers are often captains of nothing more than their own desks, their daily adventures limited to wading through papers and diving into work? One reason is that such water resistance only comes with a certain level of robustness, and a diver is thus more versatile than finer watches which are necessarily more sensitive to environmental influences. A diving watch can be worn for a wide variety of activities, and doesn’t mind the occasional spilled martini after its long day at the office.

Sporty and elegant

The egg-laying wool-growing milk-giving pig among the egg-laying wool-growing milk-giving pigs: The Rolex Submariner © Fratello Watches

In addition to its sportiness, the style of a diving watch also allows for a certain elegance. For example, the way a finely finished ceramic bezel can complement a quality steel bracelet can offer a little pizzazz for that special event. As a result, a diver’s watch can be worn on almost any occasion, from formal to casual –a real all-rounder in terms of style.

Watches with history

The current diving watch in Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Omega Seamaster Diver 300m 007 Edition © Swatch Group

Submariner, Fifty Fathoms and cetera are not only high-quality watches, they also carry with them a lot of history. Whether as a potentially life-saving accessory in James Bond films (Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster) or a trusted companion for exciting expeditions on the arm of French marine explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau (Blancpain Fifty Fathoms), you get the impression that most of the truly classic watches must be divers. So if you want to make history, if you want the feeling of history tugging at your wrist, or if you’re just a watch nerd who’s also interested in history, there may be no better watch to wear.

A watch for all price ranges

Seiko SKX007 © Hodinkee

Maybe the best part of all this is that there are high-quality diving watches for virtually every budget. Seen in this way, the diving watch is perhaps the most democratic of all watch types. There are even entry level watch classics that enjoy a high cult status among collectors, such as the Seiko SKX series which so loyally served Robert Redford on the high seas – proving that even if you don’t have a lot of money it doesn’t mean that “All Is Lost.”

Robert Redford in “All is Lost” with his Seiko SKX009 © Universal

Faithful companion

Divers can also take a shower © MY Vintage Watches

A diving watch can be a loyal companion in everyday life. With their waterproof cases and automatic movements, you hardly ever have to take them off. Going into the shower or the bathtub is no problem for a watch with water resistance to 100 meters, just as keeping things ticking is no problem for the eternally oscillating rotor. The average watch connoisseur might therefore call even the finest of diving watches a “daily beater” without a hint of the pejorative – simply a watch for everyday life.

Diving watches are strap monsters

A variety of bands go well with Divers © Hodinkee

A dress watch with a rubber strap? Certainly not, my good man. It’s quite a different story with divers, though, which could even be regarded as real strap monsters. Whether we’re talking leather, steel, rubber or nylon, diving watches cut a good figure on many different bands. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

You can find a wide range of egg-laying wool-growing milk-giving pigs here, so by all means dive right in!