Top 5 Dress Watches

By Montredo in Lifestyle
May 14, 2019
Top 5 Dress Watches

Montredo and Uhrenkosmos present:

Dress Watches still enjoy an unbroken popularity and the reason is obvious:

With their moderate cases sizes and unobtrusive appearance, dress watches are still as relevant as ever. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a formal or rather casual occasion, a dress watch is always a good idea, because unlike other watch types it never tries to be the center of attention. Instead, a dress watch always subordinates itself to the overall picture of the wearer and holds itself back elegantly.

The natural habitats of a dress watch are therefore elegant dinners, weddings and business meetings, but even at more casual events a dress watch will never feel out of place. Only when doing sports or close to the water, great caution is advised.

Today, we are pleased to present our Top 5 dress watches for every budget and style with the great support of Uhrenkosmos – one of Germany’s leading online watch magazines. Suffice it to say: You will not find the usual suspects in this selection.

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Gisbert Brunner
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