Since the foundation of his company, in 1981, Mr. Lamborghini has followed his passion for mechanical engineering and design to create a line of cutting-edge branded timepieces that over the years have become real style icons for the brand’s lovers. 40 years later, Ferruccio Lamborghini, third generation of the Lamborghini family and CEO of the company, presents a new collection that elegantly combines his experience in the two wheels world as motorcycling champion and his legendary family heritage. A totally new range of Swiss watches dedicated to daring, bold, audacious, intrepid, fearless and pioneering people with a remarkable resourcefulness.


The historic Cuscinetto model, which dates back to 1983, has undergone a stylistic evolution over the years, but maintained its main singularity: a special bidirectional rotating bezel which recalls a specific mechanical element, the ball bearing (in Italian, cuscinetto). 


The first Tonino Lamborghini sub diver watch for sea enthusiasts. The design of the titanium “sandwich case” – with original holes in the lugs inspired by the sport car frames and four visible Torx® screws – is a clear tribute to the mechanical engineering heritage of the brand. The slanting numbers and indexes on the unidirectional rotating bezel guarantee a firm grip when submerged in the aquatic world.


Evolution of the bestseller and iconic Tonino Lamborghini Spyder watch, Spyderleggero – as the Italian name denotes – is lighter and more ergonomic than the previous models thanks to its titanium sandwich case firmly anchored by 8 visible Torx® screws and a fiercer design.

Quartz Chronographs

Spyder, Spyder X and GT1 are the quartz chronograph models of the latest brandedcollection.They carry a unique design influenced by the Bull brand’s legendary shield logo and the Lamborghini family’s mechanical DNA. The shield-shaped case inevitably harks back to a story of speed, strength and traditions; theoriginal“Start/Stop” pushers are inspired by cars accelerator and brake pedals.

The brand’s history:

The company was founded in Italy in 1981 by Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, heir of the Lamborghini family. Taking inspiration from his family heritage and his vast experience in the mechanical and engineering world, Mr Lamborghini has developed a lifestyle experience brand with a range of luxury design products inspired by Italian industrial design and the Lamborghini family mechanical heritage.

Four years ago, Tonino Lamborghini’s first son Ferruccio joined the company as vice-president and CEO. In 2019, Ferruccio launched his brand-new timepieces collection with the support of the Italian designer Fulvio Locci and the historic Swiss watches manufacturer Armand Nicolet. Discover more about the Bull brand below:


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